Starting university in Sheffield?

If you’re a student, just got your A-level results and are looking to take up a place in one of Sheffields two universities in the coming weeks, firstly, well done! You’ll be joining many fellow students in a bustling, historic and friendly city.

If you’re a brass player or percussionist and would like to keep up with your playing whilst you’re at Sheffield, regardless of your standard and whether or not you’re studying music, there are many bands of differing standards that are certain to provide an outlet for your musical needs!

We have everything from community (non-contesting) bands through fourth, third, second, first and championship section bands – ten in all, and you’ll find links to many of them on these pages. All the bands will offer you a warm friendly welcome. Many of us were students once (some still are) and remember what it was like being away from home for the first time.

So, don’t leave that trombone, cornet, euphonium or horn gathering dust. Bring it along and join the fun! (Many bands also have instruments available for loan, so if the coach driver won’t let you bring your  Bb tuba on the bus, there’s a chance there is one waiting for you).


  1. Dear Sheffield Brass Band Network,

    Hi, my name is Matt Scarr and I am going to be studying as an undergraduate at Sheffield Hallam this September. I have played in Morecambe Brass band as a percussionist for seven years and would rather like to continue banding whilst I am studying here.

    I would really appreciate it if you are able to put me in contact with a brass band in the Sheffield area that is looking for a percussionist or has space to join their section as a non-tuned percussionist.

    P.S whilst I have experience in contesting, I have no preference to join a contest band. I am more than happy to join a band who play gigs for pleasure.

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Matt. Thanks for getting in touch. Chapeltown Band would love to hear from you. They’re always on the lookout for a kit player.

  2. Dear Sheffield Brass Band Network,

    Hi my name is Jake and I have just recently moved to sheffield for university, I have played cornet and sop for croft silver band, leics, for 13 years but have also been signed for Kibworth, and played for oddfellows, formerly unity, when they were in the championship section a few years ago.

    I am currently unsigned but have committed to 4th section as will be continuing to play with croft until the area 2017. Have no real preference on section but, would prefer a trip to Butlins in January if possible?


    PS I have my own cornet with me but also have played sop to flugel.

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