Switched on for Christmas

At least two of our local bands are out in Sheffield City Centre on Sunday 17th November.

Loxley Band are playing on The Moor in Sheffield between 3:15 and 5:15pm. At the other end of the City Centre, Woodhouse Band will be doing the honours in Orchard Square between 3:45 and 4:45.

If you’re out and about, please pay them a visit and support them… we’re sure they will be glad of the support even though the weather forecast isn’t too bad!

This is just the start of the hard work for most bands. Christmas was once described as “a band’s harvest” by the then secretary of one of our local bands and it’s a phrase that rings true many years later. Bands look to the generous donations by members of the public made especially over the festive season to help keep them running for the rest of the year, so please support all our local bands as they try to entertain people over the next few weeks. You can be sure your donation will be appreciated.