What’s your new year resolution?

There are many many people that learned a brass instrument when younger and have since stopped playing for any number of reasons. It may not have been “cool” as a teenager, it may have been due to family or work pressures. Times move on though, and the New Year might be just the impetus you need to dust off that old instrument, get the valves or slide moving again and seek out your local band.

We can cater for all ages and abilities with the variety of bands in the Sheffield area, so there’s almost certainly one band who would be delighted to welcome you back to the fold. If it’s contesting you’re interested in, get in quickly as many bands start rehearsing for the Areas in January. if you’re not bothered about contesting, the other bands will be starting to work up their summer concert programs, so the prospect of loads of new music beckons. there’s at least one band that is planning to start recording their Christmas CD whilst everything is still fresh in the mind!

So go on. Get rooting around in the cubby-hole under the stairs and dig out that un-cared for instrument and give it a bit of TLC. If you don’t have an instrument, don’t be put off either because many bands have got spare instruments and can even offer tuition to help get the cobwebs out of the system.